About Us

FLOC is a Freshman Leadership Organization dedicated to developing student leaders at Texas A&M University. We do this by engaging our members through leadership development opportunities, service projects, and providing social opportunities in which members will make life-long connections with their fellow Aggies. Because all of our members live on campus during their first year at A&M, we have a tight-knit community that helps enrich each freshman's experience.

When you are a member of FLOC, each day is truly what you make of it. Since everyone lives on campus, your friends will be a moment's notice away. This gives you the opportunity to easily reach out, study, dine, or just hang out with other members. Additionally, each week there will be socials, meetings every Wednesday, and "family" events.

Throughout the year, there are many special events that await. Fall retreat, family reveal, a fierce pumpkin decorating contest, "FLOCsgiving", winter retreat, and banquet are just a few of these occasions to look forward to!

A Day In The Life of FLOC

In order to develop leadership skills in our members, each individual will get placed into one of three unique committees. During the first semester, our team of staff will help lead these committees and guide their peers. In the second semester, the freshmen get the opportunity to lead the committee and make it their own!

The three committees are broken up as follows:

1. Social Committee - Responsible for organizing mixed events

2. Service Committee - In charge of planning and leading service projects

3. Meeting Committee - Conducts all of the general meetings